System & Application Security

To be safe in a digital world where cyberpunks are constantly poking to get inside and mess around, a partner who is always vigilant has become a necessity without a question. With end-to-end Magento security, a trouble-free E-Commerce portal is without asking, a guarantee from our side to you.

The smallest of problems can quite literally become a fatal flaw of e-store sales or it can take the whole store offline. “Prevention is better than cure”, the same goes for online stores. We prefer to not have an emergency situation and would like to prevent them from happening in the first place. Synamen solutions are designed to do just that and with competitive costs.

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Pricing details for our services

Service Price Services Included
System & Application Security Best Practices $200
  • Identify and Fix Magento configuration security lapse
  • Identify and Fix server side security lapse
  • Firewall configuration and close unwanted ports
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