Application Optimization

Even though Magento is a richly-featured open source e-commerce platform on the market, it also demands significant system resources. It is better to find what is consuming more resources when your e-store behaves abnormally than to throw more resources to it. It can be a simple server issue or a minor flaw in coding and the need for Magento application optimization is required. Despite the size of the problem we look under each rock to find the root cause and it’s accompanied sibling problems to avoid surprises later.

We make sure you have the right technology strategy for your normal and peak traffic while you are with us, so you can serve a large customer base without pouring money on a complicated server landscape. With less expense on infrastructure and a trouble-free e-store, you will have all the time and money to concentrate on your sales strategy.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Service Price Services Included
Magento Page Optimization Service $400
  • Optimization for:
    • Home Page
    • Category Page and
    • Product Page
  • Minification of JS and CSS wherever applicable
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