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Magento server management can become cumbersome and complicated sometimes. Magento server landscapes may range from a simple single server setup to complex scenarios involving application servers, database servers, file servers, load balancer, in-memory cache systems, search server, CDN and firewall systems among others.

Be it Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean or Rackspace or any other cloud server, we have seen them, worked on them. That is a lot of technology talk right there. Leave it to us. We know what works best and when it is needed. You can rest easy if there is any problem because we are already on it.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Service Price Services Included
Server Management Starts from $180/Month*
  • Monthly Back-up
  • Server software periodic update
  • Security patches periodic update
  • Resolve server downtime recovery from available back-up, if necessary
  • Co-ordination with hosting provider for downtime and issues.
  • Server uptime and resource monitoring, server optimization
  • Resizing of the server, when necessary
* The actual cost might vary depending on the demand of server requirements.
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